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The ex lover shop is a shop for buying and selling ex lover items for people who want to move on from their ex. As the originator of the idea, founder and owner, Tristan (Reza Rahadian) leaves his college to develop this shop with his best friends, Amel (Dea Panendra) and Rio (Iedil Dzuhrie Alaudin). Various kinds of sad, funny and absurd stories about the items become their daily food. Tristan is proud of the shop even though it is currently financially troubled. Suddenly, the presence of Laras, Tristan’s ex lover in college, makes his world turn upside down. Especially when Laras says she wants to sell his engagement ring in the shop. Feeling having a second chance, Tristan is determined to reclaim Laras’ heart with the help of Amel and Rio. One of the efforts is to succeed this Ex Lover Shop by all means.

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